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career america

Why post slides from the small number of talks I've done when I can post ~22,762 slides from 960 decks in the Library of Congress U.S. government PowerPoint data set instead? Creating this was my last personal project before the pandemic. I'm re-posting it here because I've finally moved it off of a giant search engine's streaming site.

Despite the many illustrations of everything that's wrong with PowerPoint, what really came through to me in making this video is the sheer range of work carried out across the federal government. The data is just slides, not presentations, so for the soundtrack I pulled audio from a few different government videos, including guidance on creating accessible presentations and "Career America," a recruiting video from the Office of Personnel Management. Full audio credits are on the Vimeo page.

Watching twenty-three minutes of pure PowerPoint is not for everyone but I hope that some of you will listen, or at least skip, to the end. If just one person watches this and becomes inspired to go into public service, it will have all been worth while. Or something like that.